Colorful Colorado

Having signed up for the trip a few months back, the UNO crew headed out to Colorado College to go support the hockey team in Colorado Springs. The journey started Friday at 7am leaving from campus. After a 9 hour drive, we hit up the hockey game to get smashed 5-1 by the tigers. The following morning we got up to go exploring out in garden of the gods park just a few miles down the road. Words cannot describe the beauty that’s within that place, it’s magical. The weather was unbelievable with sunny skies and a still wind. 4 hours of hiking landed us back where we started to be bombarded with some of the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced. Calling up a ride so our skin doesn’t get sandblasted off, we head to the rematch where UNO turns the tables and comes out with a 6-1 win over the tigers ending it all on a high note. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a weekend. Enjoying nature with people I love, and experiencing all that there is to offer


Colorful Colorado

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