Kansas City Photo Trip

I decided a few weeks ago to hit up my cousin who also happens to be a photographer down in Kansas City. We set up a weekend for Jabaree, Matt, and I to come down and see all that KC has to offer. After packing up following work on Friday, we hit the road and started the journey. We hit up a few cityscape photo ops that night, and headed out all over town the next day. From abandoned churches to antique shops, we tried to see as much as we could with the daylight we had. I have to say it was one of the most productive days of photos I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait to get back down there and explore some more!


I seriously can’t believe how talented people are with graffiti, it’s crazy.






This was an alleyway designated for graffiti art. It was chock full of neat drawings and some cool pieces.


Kansas City Photo Trip

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