McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe

Driving down Farnam today, I saw the Johnson Deconstruction sign outside of the old McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe. I hit up Aubri, whose brother owns the deconstruction company, to see if I could take some pictures for them. We set up a time later in the day for me to come out and get my hard hat on so I could capture a neat story.

Walking through the old building she told me about the history of what the cafe was all about, the people who frequented it, and what went on there. All the wood being taken from McFoster’s and the houses next door will be used at Reclaimed Enterprises, a company specializing in re-utilizing old wood for new constructions. It adds a vintage feel, and is better in the long run for the environment. I captured some great images, and hope to get some more of different deconstruction sites around town. Thanks to Aubri for touring me around and giving me the low down on a fantastic piece of Omaha history.


McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe

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